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Where Have I Been?


Hi there! Almost didn’t recognise you, it’s been so long since I was around these parts. Allow me to explain a little:


And yes, I was feeling pretty ill when I filmed this, so I accept I look flipping awful. So far, this is my most watched video on Youtube, which is kind of exciting. I’ll hopefully be filming again this weekend, so keep an eye out.

There’s a few other important things happening with regards to the app and how I’m going to be working things on here.

First and most importantly is that I have absolutely no time to learn any coding of any kind right now, and probably won’t for the next five weeks. Although it’s pretty tough to admit it, this is just the way things are. So, realistically, this blog won’t be following my coding adventures for at least another two months – which is when I get back to university and can see where I am and take it from there. I really want to continue with creating this app, but there may need to be logistical alterations. I’ll keep you updated when I know what’s happening.

Secondly, is that I’m aware how literature-/book-heavy this blog has become now that I’ve set up the YouTube around books. With that in mind, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be setting up a separate blog full of bookish reviews and general thoughts. As the app is on hiatus until September/October, it means that my main focus will be on the new blog, rather than on this one. I will keep them connected in some ways, but it seems to make more sense to keep these two things divided, rather than all lumped into one. This blog was designed to explore me setting up the new app, not reading books, so I’m going to stick to that.

Thanks for following me so far on this adventure, and hopefully I can update yoou again soon with how everything is coming along.



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