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Reading Progress

I’ve managed to get four books read for the project this month, which is a pretty good start. I haven’t been too focused on getting my head down and doing some serious reading yet, so I’m pleased with four, but know I can do better!

I’ve done a video wrapping up all the books I’ve read this month, so check it out here. And of course, if you can give the video a like or subscribe to the channel it would really help me out.

20160701_110011066_iOSI’m reading Carol by Patricia Highsmith now, which I’m hoping to be finished with by the end of the week. I realised as I started it that it’s actually the first lesbian lit I’ve read, so that’s quite cool – at least, I think it is.

Posts and progress are probably going to be a bit thin on the ground over the next two weeks, as I’ll be doing some work experience, so won’t have anywhere near the time to be able to squeeze it all in. It’s all been on hold a bit recently as I catch up with some rest and other stuff, but once I get back, I should be able to climb back on board and get stuck into it all again.

I promise, promise, promise I will update with how the Anthropology in Social Media course is going. Again, I’ve been so focused on not focusing that I am a little behind.

Thanks for sticking with me!





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