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Project Progress

For the project as a whole, there have been a few things I’ve been working on.

Firstly, I’ve started putting together the market research plan, so I can begin to get a better idea of how I can tailor the app to an audience. There’s still a lot to do in that regard, but one of the first things that has come up is that there is very little out there that matches what I’m trying to do, at least in general terms. I may have to start investigating specifically if I’m to find anything that’ll help me. However, if I have managed to find such a niche that there’s nothing similar I’ll have to think really carefully about the marketing of the app at a later date. It’s one thing to create something that hasn’t been done before, but it’s not going to do well if no one can find it. All of this will be rolled into the research plan.

Secondly, I’ve been able to start my social media anthropology course this week. I’ve completed the introduction, and so far it’s thrown up a couple of interesting insights. As it progresses, I’m hoping it’ll deliver a lot more depth of information. If you’d like to join me on the course and find out more, it is free and you can sign up here.

The YouTube videos aren’t doing too badly, but I still need to sort out some things. Now that the picture quality and sound is better, it’s a question of getting the editing right. I had some serious problems with it all last week (hence me doing the whole thing in one take!) but I should be able to amend that and have a better video on Monday.

So, so far so good. I’m definitely finding this side of things as a more comfortable space than the coding. I’ve been getting gradual project-management experience over the past couple of years, so this seems easier than learning something I’ve never even contemplated doing before. Let’s just hope I can maintain it as the year goes on!


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