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I Start Learning Code Things

After a bit of a break from the actual coding side of things, now is the time to start wrapping my head around it. And there’s a lot to wrap my head around.

Xcode and Swift is an object-based code. Unlike C++, this kind of code follows a particular model structure that creates objects and then, basically, you tell that object what you want it to do based on a series of methods and properties that you assign to them. This means that the code is a lot more flexible and fluid in its development and content creation.

And if all this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry – I can’t really wrap my head around this right now either.

The issue I’m having at this point is that it is all in the abstract. I understand these principles and how one thing connects to the other based on a series of words and symbols, but I’m not sure yet how these can be used to create anything. It’s absolutely fascinating, but what exactly does it do? I haven’t reached that bit yet. The best I can do to explain is that it currently feels like I’ve been given a lot of letters and words, but haven’t been told what the point of a sentence is yet.

I’m sure it’ll all make sense soon as I start to apply this abstract code to an actual project. Once I can place the code within a context, I’m sure all of it will fit into place. At least I hope so.

And what happens if it still doesn’t make sense?

Well, I’ll probably panic for a bit and then I’ll re-evaluate. At this stage, I’m just going to keep ploughing through until I get somewhere. I’m also looking at other Swift and Xcode videos to give me some extra ideas and tips to help build the app. It’s helping a bit to have this supplementary information, although a lot of it seems to be geared towards a very basic UI development, rather than a more complex app structure. At least these are all good starting points for me.

Once I figure out how all this is connected, I’ll write up a more detailed post on the coding. While I’m still learning, and still very much unsure, it’s probably best I don’t lay it all out and potentially get myself confused (more confused?!).

If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about this coding structure, have a look into Objective-C. It’s what Swift is based on, although it is a little different.


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