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After a flurry of activity last week getting myself set up with the app, it’s been a bit quieter lately while I work on other things (and take a bit of a rest). But I’m still thinking about it, and still working on it.

I’m building up a pretty strong library of books at the moment that I’m hoping will go into the app. I’ll be posting a video soon of the books I’m looking at, so keep an eye out in the next few days for that.

I should also say, that I mentioned an Xcode app. Turns out I was mistaken and there isn’t one. Apologies for any confusion on that. The only apps I can find relating to Xcode are tutorials, and they’re out-of-date for the version I’ll be using, so I’m sticking with the YouTube videos.


I want to have several streams of development going on, so that I have a variety of things to do that will ultimately result in the app’s creation. This means that as well as learning code and putting the library of books together (which will involve reading them!) I’m going to start the market research.

This seems pretty important at this early stage, so I can integrate my findings into the project development. Finding out what other apps are out there and are being used – and are successful – will be a good guide to refining my original ideas.

I admit, it’s probably not the most fun part of app development, but it’s probably the most important, especially if it is to be launched in the future. As with all things, it’s just a case of knuckling down and getting into it.

I’m going to be looking outside of the App Store for research as well. I’ll be looking at a lot of social media platforms, such as Tumblr and Reddit, to gauge audience and what kind of interaction would be most beneficial to users. This’ll give me a much better idea of demographics, and helps me target not only the content of the app, but the marketing of it too.

So this week is going to be more code-learning, lots of reading and a lot of writing research strategies and survey questions. Such an exciting life, this app-development stuff.


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