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What’s Next?

After thinking about the project concept and getting a warm reception from the people I’ve talked about it to, the next bit was to see if it would be approved for the go-ahead. It’s all very well having these massive, bright ideas, but if you’re going to get shot down for being too ambitious best to get it done in the first week, rather than three months down the line.

And it turns out that I actually have a good idea and should just go for it. Part of the ‘going for it’ is to learn code. I need to learn a lot of code. I have no experience of learning code.

Learning code is the realm of my husband. He’s the one that’s grown up with videogames all his life, and spends hours at a time playing. I came to it pretty late. My love for gaming comes from the narrative structures – pretty obviously when you look at my creative writing background. So learning code is far removed from what I was expecting to get out of life.



I’m using Xcode 7 for Mac. It’s the software I was recommended, and at a first glance it seems like a nice one for beginner-programmers like me. You’ll need to update your Mac to the current OS if you want it to work. As I actually start learning the language and technical side, I’ll let you know what I’m working on. At this present moment, it’s just trying to get it to work on the borrowed Mac I’m using that’s causing the greatest difficulties…

It seems there’s also an Xcode app you can get for your phone – which seems strangely ironic. I’m not sure whether I’m going to get it. I should imagine it’ll be more beneficial once I’m closer to prototype stage. Again, I’ll tell you if I get it, and what it’s like in case you want to try it too.


Now that I’m set up, I’ve got a few other things to consider. I need to start building the book list for The Library, which is going to take a lot of research too. I already have a basic list of about twenty-eight books, which I’ll post at some point so you can see what I’m thinking of including. This will then need to be tied in with the literary criticism for The Lecture. So, yeah, I’m giving myself a lot of work on this one.

And it doesn’t stop there. I’ve signed up for a couple of free, online, short courses that I hope will help over the summer as I put all this together. The first one will be on the anthropological study of social media, which I hope’ll help me when I get to the marketing plan and how I can integrate social media into the app. The second is how to use computer programming for creative practice. This seems a perfect course for me. I’m hoping the blending of creative practice and the technicality of coding will help things slip into place. Sadly it doesn’t start until August, so I’ll have to wait a bit for that one.


That’s basically where I’m up to at the minute. It’s all moving pretty fast. There’s going to be quite a few posts from me in these initial stages, and then I’ll most likely switch to more video content as I get more into the coding side of things.


Let me know if any of you have used Xcode before. Good? Bad? Any tips? Let me know in the comments.



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